Dissection facts

Formed by: Jon Nödtveidt and Peter Palmdahl

Formed in: Strömstad, Sweden

Genres: Black metal, death metal

Label: The End, Corpsegrinder Records, No Fashion Records

Active Years: 1989-1997 and 2004-2006

Dissection – The Biography

Dissection is well-known for its ups and downs. But despite that they managed to create music that made a great impact on the Swedish death metal scene. This is their story.

Dissection Biography

Jon Nödtveidt forms Dissection

Dissection was formed in 1989 by Jon Nödtveidt, the lead guitarist and vocalist, and Peter Palmdahl, the bass player. Nödtveidt and Palmdahl had previously played together in a trash metal band called Siren’s Yell. The group recorded one demo before they broke up in 1989.


Nödtveidt then joined a band called Rabbit’s Carrot together with Ole Öhman, the previous drummer of Siren’s Yell. The two left the band after a short time, as they felt they wanted to create music on the extreme dark side, which the other members didn’t fell would fit the band. In 1990 Nödtveidt and Palmdahl recruited Öhman and would soon release their first official tape. They recruited Mattias Mäbe Johansson, the forms bassist of Siren’s Yell and held their first concert in October 1990.


 The early years

In the years to come, Dissection released a great number of tapes and demos. In April 1990 they released their first official tape Severed into Shreds. The same year in December they released the demo The Grief Prophecy which featured illustrations made by Necrolord, the artist who created lots of album artworks for the band.


The following year John Zwetsloot joined Dissection as their second guitarist. The demo started spreading and the band was approached by the French record label Corpsegrinder Records. The label offered them a deal to record another EP. They released the EP Into Infinite Obscurity in December 1991. It was released in only 1000 copies. In December 1993 Dissection released their full-length album The Somberlain before kicking Zwetsloot out of the band for not being dedicated enough.


Touring and the peak

In the years 1995 and 1996 Dissection toured in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, The UK and Sweden. They continued to release new music such as Storm of the Light’s Bane, their second full-length album. Together with the band Dimmu Borgir they released the live video cassette Live & Plugged Vol. II in 1997.


This period is considered to be the peak of Dissection. The following years where marked by trouble such as drop outs and the imprisonment of Jon Nödtveidt that led to the dissolution of the band.


The restart, Reinkaos and final dissolution

After the release of Nödtveidt he restarted the band, recorded the EP Maha Kali and began their tour called Rebirth of Dissection. The fans were thrilled to see their band touring again. When Dissection played in Stockholm, they even had to move the gig to a bigger venue to fit the audience. Their new single Maha Kali was only available in connection with the tour, but still managed to reach place 50 on the Swedish single-track list.


In April 2006 the band released their final studio album called Reinkaos. They played their final gig called Midsummer Massarcre ’06 with Nifelheim and Deathstars at Hovet on Midsummer’s Day the same year. The 16 of August 2006 Swedish police found Jon Nötveidt dead in his home. He had taken his own life. After the incident Dissection dissolved.

Dissection Discography

The Grief Prophecy (1990, Demo)

Into Infinite Obscurity (1991, Demo)

The Somberlain Promo (1992, Demo)

Promo '93 (1993, Demo)

The Somberlain (1993, Studio album)

Storm of the Light's Bane Rough-Mix (1995, Demo)

Storm of the Light's Bane (1995, Studio album)

Where Dead Angels Lie (1996, EP)

The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief) (1998, Compilation album)

Live Legacy (2003, Live album)

Maha Kali (2004, Single)

Promo 2005 (2005, Demo)

Starless Aeon (2006, Single)

Reinkaos (2006, Studio Album)

Live in Stockholm 2004 (2009, Live album)

Live Rebirth (2010, Live album)